F1 Hybrids Kittens
F1 kittens are 50% Asian Leopard Cat


F1 Holding Fees:  $1000.00
Please e-mail us for prices on F1 Hybrid Kittens

Holding fees are required to hold a cat/kitten for a buyer, no kittens are held without
a holding fee.  At this time I am holding the kitten for you and no one else can
purchase the said cat/kitten. All holding fees are
non-refundable. The goal of our
Cattery is to place our cat/kittens in loving homes in a timely manner so they may
bond with their new family. If a cat/kitten is held for a Buyer, a change of mind can
quite often jeopardize the chance of that particular kitten to be placed in a home
while they are still of a desirable age. When the sale of the cat/kitten is
consummated, the holding fee shall be applied towards the balance owing on the
purchase price. The balance is due on F1 kittens at 6 weeks of age and F1 kittens
are sent home at 8 to 10 weeks of age.

Clients that have placed a deposit have two (2) days to respond once I have sent
you an e-mail with pictures and prices.  Failure to do so will be considered a "pass"
on the kittens and the kittens will be offered to the next party in line.  Once a kitten
is chosen, you are committed to that kitten and if you cancel, your holding fee will
not be refunded.

Only clients with placed deposits are welcome to set up an appointment to visit our
cattery, all deposits are non refundable.  This separates the people just wanting to
see a Bengal with those that are really interested in buying a TecSpot Bengal kitten.

There is no way on earth I will allow anyone in to see new kittens. The well being of
our kittens is far more important to us than you seeing kittens.  New kittens have
low immune systems, this is not something to be taken lightly, and we don't!  I post
plenty of pictures and videos of kittens for all to see as they grow.

Kittens go through many stages as they develop, so we are continually
re-evaluating them as they grow. Therefore we reserve the right to re-assess them
as they develop and price accordingly. Once someone has placed a holding fee on
a priced kitten however, the price is locked in on that kitten and will not increase.

Please Read:
Things you need to know when taking home your new kitten

We reserve the right to refuse sale to any party at any point during the adoption

Exotic Hybrids

New Litter Expected:
pril 2019

is an Asian Leopard Cat
Dams are F1 & F2 Savannahs

F2 Savannah

F1 Exotic Hybrid