Welcome to OICSpots Savannahs, I have been breeding cats for over 21 years
now. I am devoted to raising healthy, beautiful, cutting edge kittens with a
sweet temperament. We do not own a Serval we use a friends Serval to
produce our stunning F1 Savannah kittens.

Deposits on F1 Savannahs is 1/2 of the quoted purchase price. Once you
place a deposit the kitten is being held for you. All deposits are non-refundable
but if something unforeseen happens to the kitten you placed a deposit on
then I will refund your money in full or you may choose another kitten.  
Shipping is not included in the purchase price of the kitten.

Why Are Savannahs So Expensive?$$$
Establishing a quality breeding program there is a large financial investment
required up front. Plus the proper care of all the cats on a daily basis takes a
lot of time and patients. In addition to the cost upfront, the Higher percentage
Savannah's (F1's )are rare and very difficult to breed. It takes many years and
a lot of luck to mate a Serval with a domesticated cat. Only a few breeders
worldwide have had success. If mating occurs there are still lots of risks.
Because of the gestation difference between the Serval and domestic (about
10-15 day difference) all F1's are born premature. Some are too weak to
survive and need 24 hr care by the breeder to ensure survival and that doesn't
always work.

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