Things you need to know when taking me home…

Hello, I am a Bengal kitten and I have SO much love to give. I am very loyal
and give a lot of affection and hope I will receive the same from you. I
know this is a new experience for us all, so I am writing to help you
understand some things about me so that this transition can be easier on all
of us.  

Please remember I am a baby; I have left everything and everyone I have
ever known in my short life. This change is very stressful for me even
though I can not show you or tell you. I may not eat, drink or go to the
bathroom well for the first 24hours. I will be overwhelmed with large
spaces because I have not yet gotten old enough to be allowed free run of
an entire home. I will do much better if the transition to a large space is
gradual. If I am hiding, then I am stressed with the many new things around
me and this may make me sick or may make me potty where I should not.  
Please do not allow me to hide, rather comfort me as you hold me and
when you are done holding me, put me back in my room. I should not be
allowed to run around for the first few days.  

Please keep me in a small room, ideally a bathroom with my food, water,
litter box and bedding so that I can feel secure in this space first before I
encounter the rest of your home and other pets. Also, whenever you are
not home, please put me back in my secure place so I do not get into
trouble or get overwhelmed while you are gone. I need to be kept in this
place for at least 2 weeks as this is the hardest period of my transition.  
But, you should still keep me in a room such as a bedroom when you are
not home, even until I am 1y old. This will keep me safe.

My 1st mommy and 1st daddy have done an excellent job of socializing me
with people and with dogs. I am used to being held every day and desire to
be loved on and touched. But, I am still a kitten and we kittens love to be
ornery and play.  We go through phases during our growth much like a
human child….you know “the terrible twos.” So, please remember that
even if I run from you and want to jump down and play, that it is normal.  
Some weeks I will just want to sleep with you and be cuddled and some
weeks I will not want to be held. Regardless of how I “feel,” please
remember it is important for you to teach me the way to behave as well,
just like you would your child.  

Please hold me and scratch me firmly and massage me until I calm down
and no longer struggle to get down. Once I give in and relax, then you can
let me go. This will help me be a much better cat and not forget how much
I love being held (even if it is against my will sometimes.)  Also, if I ever get
sick, and let’s pray I don’t, it will be easier for you to medicate me. Most of
all, I will respect you as my authority and be a happier pet!

Many people ask my 1st parents how I am with children. So, first hand let
me tell you that I LOVE children and am very interactive with them. Yet,
sometimes children do not know how to handle a pet and can be too
aggressive with me and I may get hurt. So, in asking how I am with
children, it is important to also consider how your children might treat me. I
might run and hide from your children because children can be very loud
and I do not like being chased.  

Please remember that I do have wild Asian Leopard Cat blood in me and it
gives me so many advantages to my personality, but you also have to
consider some differences too between me and other domestic cats. If I
am treated with respect, then I will surely have a life long bond with my
young friends.

I love to eat and it is important that what I eat is healthy so that I can grow
up to be the big, healthy cat you are hoping for. I am a high energy cat so I
need a lot of protein and a higher fat content in my food when I am a kitten
because I will burn calories very quickly. There are many good high protein
cat foods; I know they are sometimes expensive, but I want to live a long
time and be healthy for you. My 1st mommy chose to feed me Royal Canin
Kitten formula and I really like that.  My dry food should be left out all of the
time so that it is always available for me to eat. I am a nocturnal animal so
my eating habits differ than yours. Also, if I am only fed at certain times of
the day, I will have a tendency to overeat and that is not healthy for me. I
love fresh chicken and hamburger and some types of wet food, so if you
want to give me special treats to supplement my diet, that will be

We Bengals LOVE water!  Not only do we like to drink water, but we often
like to play in it. This means I may cause a mess sometimes with my
water, so I apologize for that, but it is so irresistible to me because that is
how my ancestors behaved. I may even want to get in the bath or shower
with you when I am older. But, please allow me to adjust to water slowly
as all things are new and sometimes scary as a little kitten. Also, because
of my attraction to water, it is important for you to keep your toilet lids
closed because sometimes the water looks so fun that I forget the lid might
close and trap me inside.

I LOVE to play with toys, the ones you give me and things that you might
not consider a toy, but I sure do. I am very intelligent and need mental
stimulation and since I do not hunt (which is good to protect me from
disease), I need to be stimulated by my toys and my environment. Cat
trees and Cat Wheels are especially fun for me to get plenty of exercise
and entertainment. Please be careful though with all of the toys you give
me that there are no small parts that I can chew off and choke on. We
Bengals love to eat our playthings and sometimes this can hurt or even kill
If we don’t choke on the parts, we may swallow them and even if they
are not toxic, they may get wedged or tangled in our digestive system and
make us very sick and we may not be able to recover. So, please keep an
eye on my toys and if you notice them falling apart, cracks in plastic balls
with bells in them, or if the stuffing is showing, please throw them away. I
will get better as I grow up to not chew up my toys, but while I am little, I
still have so much to learn.

I also love to sharpen my claws, so it is essential for you to have areas that
I am permitted to do this. You may get scratching posts or other scratching
items made of sessile or corrugated cardboard for me to use. If it is a big
problem for me to have claws
then don't buy me.

I started using the litter box when I was only 4 weeks old! I am a pro by
now in my opinion, but I have only had a small space to wander and my
potty box was always close by. When I move to a new environment and am
no longer with my mommy and siblings, knowing exactly where to go can
be more challenging for me. If you could help me out, I would appreciate

Please use clumping litter because I am used to the way it feels on my paw
s. Please add some Kitten Attract or Cat Attract (my 1st mommy gave you
a coupon for a free bag) to the surface of my litter, about 1 inch deep, so
that I can smell where I am supposed to go. This will help me for the first
few weeks to remember where my potty box is and get into the essential
habit of using it regularly. It may even help me for you to carry over to my
potty box several times a day when I first move in with you, so that I
remember to go (see I get so excited playing, I forget I need to potty.)  
Once I get it down, I will be a pro! You can not permit me to have
accidents while I am young or I may be ruined for my entire life and no one
will want me. I really want to be wanted and to stay here with you forever.  
My use of the litter box is as important to my life as you giving me food and
water. I have heard of other kittens who did not use the potty box and their
families gave them away and after being passed from home to home, they
ended up at the animal shelter and no one wanted them. My 1st mommy
has given you a little booklet on litter box use, so please read it to help you
help me! If you have a 2 story home or a large home, I will need two litter
boxes so that I don’t get too far away from my potty box when I am a

Health Care
It is very important for you to take me to the veterinarian so that I can get al
l of the vaccinations and care that I need to live a long life. I need to be
protected just like you do from illness… believe it or not, you can give me
your viruses!  If you are sick, please wash your hands before handling me
and try not to give me kisses until you feel better. I do not want to be
vaccinated for FIP because I have known of other kittens which became
very sick with FIP from the vaccine.  

I do not need to be bathed like a puppy, I am really good at keeping myself
clean…but, if you need to, you can always use gentle baby-wipes to clean
my coat.  

Please remember to clear your home of any plants or things that will be poi
sonous to me.
If you notice me acting very tired or not active, if my eyes
are not clear, if my gums are turning pale in color, if I am throwing up or
have diarrhea, please take me to the doctor as soon as possible.
means I am very sick and may have eaten something toxic or one of my
toys may be stuck in me and I need immediate care. The most important
thing is that I remain hydrated, so I will probably need fluids right away.  
This is not something that can wait until morning, because when I am a
kitten, I do not have much reserve of nutrients and can become
dangerously ill very quickly.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and follow through with all of
my requests. I hope this is not too much trouble for you, but I can assure
you I AM WORTH IT!! I will love you and respect you and be so good to
you when you are good to me. Doing all of these things will help me live a
long and healthy life with you and bring you even more joy!  Most of all,
THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING ME!! I really appreciate that you chose me
from all of the kittens in the world and I will treasure you all of my life.

your new Bengal baby